A Difficult Conversation: Stress and Mental Health for Business Owners

Working through the unique complications of the novel coronavirus pandemic has put a strain on businesses, but even more, business owners and managers have faced work challenges they’ve likely not faced before while dealing with the everyday stress of day-to-day life that was here prior to COVID-19 and that will remain after it has dissipated.

Ryanne Stellingwerf of Solutions Counseling and Teresa Appelwick with the Great Falls Chamber of Commerce sat down together in November to discuss the stress business owners and managers are facing in the workplace and as entrepreneurs. They addressed compassion in the workplace, how to handle the divisive climate, and how to move through making the most difficult decisions in business so many are facing during the pandemic, all while caring for our families and self.


If you find yourself struggling to work through the stress of the holidays, the work environment, or any other aspect of life, please reach out to our mental health professionals in Great Falls to find a helping hand.


Watch this candid discussion on our YouTube channel.


Great Falls Area Chamber of Commerce counseling partners:

Solutions Counseling – (406) 272-4545 https://www.solutionscounselingmt.com

Center for Mental Health – (406) 771-8648 https://www.center4mh.org

Open Door Wellness Center – (406) 781-4414 https://www.opendoor406.com

Enlightening Minds – (406) 315-2227 – addiction counseling https://bit.ly/EnlighteningMinds

Seeking Recovery – (406) 205-3433 – addiction counseling https://www.iamseekingrecovery.com/

Gateway Community Services – (406) 727-2512 – addiction outpatient services https://www.gatewayrecovery.org/

Emily Wish – (406) 952-3772 – eating disorders https://www.emilywish.com/


*This list is not comprehensive. Our community has dozens of counselors ready to welcome you with open arms.


For business resources please call the Chamber office at (406) 761-4434.


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