Business Networking Groups (BNG)


Business Networking Group 1

2nd and 4th Thursday @ 9:00am
Co-Chairs: Doug Mercado – [email protected]

Are you looking to sharpen your professional skills? We are a diverse and dynamic group of Business Professionals looking to develop mutually beneficial relationships. When the Mentor is also willing to be the Student, every relationship has the potential to blossom into a friendship, a trusted colleague or client. Participants will help to support each other to grow professionally and their respective businesses to find the potential growth, financially. Are you ready to discover your potential?

Business Networking Group 2

Tuesdays, 7:30 AM

Co-Chairs: Erin Townsend – [email protected]  and Brett Wike – [email protected]

Join our community-minded networking group to develop strong professional connections. We aim to foster meaningful professional relationships and opportunities through networking, collaboration and knowledge sharing. This is the perfect platform to connect, exchange ideas and support each other's professional growth. Our meeting focus on enhancing skills, knowledge and connections within our community.

  • Meet and connect with professionals from various industries.
  • Share relevant topics to enhance members' professional skills and knowledge base.
  • Collaborate on projects and initiatives that promote innovation and business growth.
  • Foster a supportive community where members can seek advice, share experiences, and contribute to each other's success.

We plan to meet Tuesdays at 7:30am at varied local businesses. As the group is organized, that time and day of the week can be adjusted to meet the needs of the members.

Business Networking Group 3

Every Tuesday @ 8am (except when attending a B4B with the Chamber)
Co-Chairs: Mike Bicsak – [email protected]  and Kim Martin – [email protected]

Our Secret to Success is focused on getting to know the real person behind the profession. We help our members develop connections with other people that are passionate about their careers and the clients they help. We share our opinions and our experiences. Each week we try to change-up where we meet. We visit and support other businesses as well as our own, while we chat about current events, new opportunities, resources and ourselves. We meet every Tuesday except when our group participates and attends Business 4 Breakfast with the Chamber. If you’re not a fan of the hard sell, but instead want to genuinely grow your business by getting to know the people in Great Falls, then this is the group! Hope to see you on Tuesday.

Business Networking Group 4

2nd and 4th Thursdays @ 2pm
Chair: Tauna Locatelli – [email protected]

Proud to be a local group of professionals, who believe in Great Falls, bringing you quality services and products. We work together to build business relationships in our community to better meet the needs of our customers, that we serve individually and collectively... working together makes us stronger!

Business Networking Group 5

Wednesdays @ Noon
Chair: TBD

Come grow your business with this group of energetic and outgoing professionals. Participants are encouraged to share ideas and respect different perspectives. Through diversity comes growth.

If you would like more information, have further questions or would like to join a Business Networking Group, please contact the Chair of the group or Jordyn Price at [email protected] or 406.761.4434.

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